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6 Ways to Use Video Marketing On Social Media

We mentioned in our last blog post, Video Content is the Future, that online video marketing is the trend for businesses and individuals. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but imagine how many are for a video. According to Forrester Research's Dr. James McQuivey, he states that "a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words." With this tidbit in mind, we bring you our list of 6 effective ways to use videos for your social media marketing plan.

#1: Connect With Your Audience

First, think about how you'd want your target viewers to feel - happy, informed, or perhaps inspired? By completing this initial step, you can visualize your brand's message for the video and strategize its content even further.

#2: Keep It Short!

It depends on where you post your video (see Video Content is the Future for the appropriate video lengths), but the ideal length for a video should be 30 seconds-2 minutes, otherwise, engagement gets lower the longer it is. If your video happens to be longer, post short teasers onto your social media platforms and then direct viewers to your website or page that has the full version.

#3: Grab Attention Immediately

With so much saturated content online, it's essential to grab your viewers' attention within the first couple of seconds of your video. Use the opportunity to impress and stand out right away.

#4: Add Subtitles

A lot of viewers scroll through social media on their phones and may either have their volume off or don't have earphones to listen to the audio. Inserting subtitles into your video when appropriate, will help the audience understand your key message. However, remember to make sure that your video is still attractive without any sound!

#5: Include Eye-Catching Visuals

Ensure that your visuals are aesthetically-pleasing and relatable to your brand's goals and message. You don't want to clutter your viewers with too much information!

#6: Hire a Professional

Unsure on whether to hire a professional videographer? Not only will hiring a video professional save you a significant amount of time to focus on other areas of your business, but it will also prevent a lot of stress that the planning, filming, and editing may bring. Video professionals come with the experience, skills, and the proper camera and lighting equipment, which will then bring your vision to life along with high quality and speed.


Companies that post videos on social media to market services or products is only going to increase in frequency. Don't lag behind your competition by not incorporating videos onto your social media platforms. Get started today!

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